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“This is the moment.”

Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton)
Lawmakers at Higher Ed for All Kickoff

“We are losing valuable faculty and staff mid-career to other colleges and careers.”

Massachusetts Community College Council President Claudine Barnes
Claudine Barnes, president of the Massachusetts Community College Council and associate professor of history at Cape Cod Community College

“The Commonwealth owns the land and the buildings, so it has a responsibility to take care of them.”

Salem State University Professor Joanna Gonsalves, who is part of a statewide campus debt relief project
Joanna Gonsalves, vice president of the Massachusetts State College Association and chapter president of the MSCA chapter at Salem State University and psychology professor

“The experiences, mentorship and opportunities that I have had at UMass made me realize the true disservice being done by all universities that neglect to provide students with full-time academic advisors.” 

UMass Amherst student Clare Sheedy
UMass Amherst student Clare Sheedy

“We change lives. We change communities.” 

Greenfield Community College adjunct math instructor Phyllis Keenan
Adjunct Professor Phylis Keenan

“We have a massive need for well educated people who fall somewhere between a high school diploma and a full four-year degree.” 

Former Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki
Greg Bialecki, former Massachusetts secretary of housing and economic development, extols the importance of public higher education in Massachusetts to remain competitive.
Students, educators, business leaders and legislators are organizing for debt-free public higher education, increased student support, fair and equitable pay for all faculty and staff, and a return to a model in which the state covers the cost of campus building and maintenance needs.
Higher Ed for All Priorities and Goals